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Increase Your Email Revenue 25% Minimum
Without Spending a Penny On Ads in just 30 Days

Check Out One Of Our Client Success Stories

270%+ Increased Email Revenue In Just 30 Days

Before Signing With Beacon Copy:

Only 13% Of Revenue Coming Via Email

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7 Days After Signing With Us:

Increased Email Revenue to 51%

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30 Days After Signing With Us:

Increased Email Revenue to 46%

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4 Common Mistakes e-Com Brands Make That Prevent Them From Getting Maximum Returns With Email

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Their emails aren't creating enough trust with their customers resulting in minimal conversions. 

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There are dozens of high level conversion focused flows they don't have. Such as consumption flows & product specific upsells.

They are not addressing specific objections based on where the customer is in the funnel.

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Their email designs don't match your websites quality — resulting in a poor customer experience.

You're probably struggling with...


Getting customers to purchase over & over again.


Connecting with your customers in a meaningful way.


Finding an innovative agency that delivers on there promise.

Why Choose Us?

Better & Faster Results


While most Agency's plug in the same flows & content throughout their clientele. At Beacon Copy we do a complete overhaul of your Klaviyo flows & implement our 12 Step Flow Framework that include conversion focused copy & design. With our custom built conversion focused flows we will increase your profit margins significantly with repeat buyers.


Optimizing Funnel To Increase MRR

With an influx of customer data throughout time. We’ll continue to test, optimize, and beat our previous winners month on month to add to your bottom line revenue.

We know for a FACT you've never utilized a framework like ours. Which is why if we DON'T increase your email revenue by 25% in 30 days, we will send you back all of your money.


100% Performance Guarantee

our process

A Conversion Focused 12 Step Framework

Our Unique 12 Step Flow Framework provides an agile alternative to stale, copy & paste, email marketing models.

The Framework acts as a conversion focused foundational layer that will integrate with the custom plan we build out to meet your brands needs. This allows you to squeeze out the most revenue in the fastest manner possible from the moment we onboard you.


1. Klaviyo Audit

After auditing all aspects of your Klaviyo account we will integrate our 12 Step Framework into the custom plan we build to meet your brands needs. Allowing you to increase your bottom line revenue with email like never before.

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2. Flows Go Live

Once the flows are built out & ready to go, we will set them live & get you a 25% increase in revenue in 30 days. The best part?
The flows will forever be printing money on autopilot as long as your brand exists.


3. Monthly Retainer

Once the new flows achieve a increase of 25% in revenue, we will invite you to sign up on a monthly retainer. This is where we will take over your entire backend email marketing. Now you'll have all the time in the world to focus on other parts of your business that need you.

Tired Of Mediocre Results?
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